Circular Economy

The Future Earth Knowledge Action Network (KAN) on Systems of Sustainable Consumption and Production (SSCP) are pleased to announce the establishment of the Circular Economy (CE) Working Group.

The current linear economy model (i.e. take-make-dispose), needs to shift from linear to circular economic models requiring a reorganization of economic activity. In CE models, production processes are reorganized to offer new value based sources on alternative production forms and product usage.  Innovations such as waste as supply, cradle-to-cradle through manufacturing, and consumption activities including reuse, reduce, recycle, can support CE. But CE requires corporate supply chains to be core contributors. It remains unclear on how to effectively transition to CE on corporate and public policy levels.

The aim of the KAN SSCP CE Working Group is to advance knowledge and practices on corporate supply chains and CE relationships. The CE working group seeks to investigate regional and material examples and their integration with corporate multinational multi-tier networks.

Initially, the working group will focus on three main topics:

  1. Connecting Output with Input Needs in Multinational Multi-Tier Supply Chains
  2. Inclusive Organizations in a Global Circular Economy
  3. Developing Countries in Western-dominated Circular Economies

For more information, please contact co-convenors of the Circular Economy Working Group:

Dr Paul Dewick,

Dr Joerg Hofsetter,

Prof Joseph Sarkis,