To support transitions to equitable and sustainable societies by advancing knowledge about biodiversity, ecosystem services and human well-being.

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ecoSERVICES is a research project of Future Earth that supports research for global sustainability on the premise that ecosystems provide vital services for human well-being. Sadly, the loss of ecosystem services resulting from the rapid and extensive degradation of ecosystems around the world shows all too clearly how much peoples are exposed to exacerbated vulnerabilities when ecosystems change.

ecoSERVICES provides the scientific basis for action. We work at enhancing the conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity so ecosystems continue supporting human well-being. We examine the challenge of global sustainability through the framework of ecosystem service science and provide a solid scientific basis to ground biodiversity firmly in the sustainability debate.

We always look for help to pave the road to a more socially and ecologically sustainable and equitable world! Consider joining our community of practice once you know more about ecoSERVICES and Future Earth!

ecoSERVICES is a legacy to Future Earth of DIVERSITAS - an international programme of biodiversity science.