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Future Earth is committed to developing products and services for diverse communities around the world.

They include our flagship publication, the magazine Anthropocene – Innovation in the Human Age, the Future Earth Media Lab, research and engagement publications, annual reports, webinars and more.

Read more about our signature products below:

Anthropocene – Innovation in the Human Age

Anthropocene magazine is the new print, digital and live magazine from Future Earth. This publication is the first of its kind to focus specifically on the Anthropocene, a new epoch in the geologic history of the planet named for humanity’s influence on the globe. It will tap the best minds in international science journalism to explore the question: How can human innovation help to create a world we actually want to live in?

You can sign up now for free for Anthropocene magazine’s Daily Science coverage. This service sends updates on the latest news and discoveries in sustainability science to your inbox four days a week. No ads.

Also, consider becoming a member of Anthropocene magazine to support science journalism and receive print copies of this new publication.

Future Earth Media Lab

The Future Earth Media Lab is an online incubator for communications, research and more. The lab nurtures projects at the cutting edge of the digital revolution – the internet of things, big data, new media, visualisation, virtual reality, augmented reality and artificial intelligence. It is a collaboration between Future Earth, the International Council for Science (ICSU) and Globaïa.

Read our recent blog about a new immersive experience supported by the Future Earth Media Lab – a Virtual Reality tour of a favela in Brazil (photo above).


Future Earth and its partners produce a wide range of publications in research and engagement, including a monthly newsletter, strategic reports and other planning documents, conference reports, synthesis documents and more. You can view our recent publications here.

Some of Future Earth’s key publications include:

Annual Reports

Future Earth provides regular updates on its activities and successes, including new findings emerging from our Global Research Projects.

You can read our annual reports, beginning in 2015, below:

Annual Report: 2017-2018

In this report, you can read about Future Earth's work and achievements from April 2017 through March 2018, which showcases some of our many cross-sector collaborations and our work in various systems, driving global change.

Annual Report: 2016-2017

Read highlights of  Future Earth's activities from April 2016 to March 2017. Learn about new networks around the wolrd, scientific discoveries and more.

Annual Highlights: 2015-2016

Read about some of the major activities and scientific discoveries that emerged from the Future Earth community in 2015 and 2016. Learn about worldwide natural disaster risks, past rates of sea level rise and the events that shaped sustainability research and policy over the year.

2015 Global Research Project Reports

This series of reports coveres the major achievements of Future Earth's Global Research Projects in 2015. Also included is a summary report that captures details from these reports and includes information on the activities of Future Earth's research initiatives.


Future Earth publishes regular newsletters to highlight news, events and opportunities in global sustainability. You can sign up for our monthly updates here.

Read our past newsletters below:


Webinars are an important tool for Future Earth to engage the global sustainability community. We seem them as great ways to start discussions and to get researchers and diverse members of society involved in our activities. Some of our recent webinar series include: