Get involved in Future Earth

Future Earth is first and foremost a global network committed to sustainability.

We are a global network of people, projects and institutions committed to catalysing research, connecting knowledge and finding new ways to accelerate sustainable development.

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At the heart of Future Earth is a committment to conduct international science in a more inclusive way, designing and producing research with participants from across society. We welcome collaboration with diverse professionals – from researchers to policy-makers, business leaders and entrepreneurs, civil society practitioners, scholars in the humanities, artists and more.

Within our global network we have clusters of activities around key areas. These include cities, oceans and finance and economics. For a full list of activities, see our Knowledge-Action Networks and global research projects.

One of the primary ways that you can get involved in Future Earth is to join our Open Network. The Future Earth Open Network is a new online platform for inspiring and supporting collaboration around global sustainaility.

You can learn more about the Future Earth Open Network here.

Here are some reasons to get involved with Future Earth:

  • To join a unique international research community committed to transformation and connected around an innovative research agenda.
  • To join international conferences to meet and share ideas focused on global sustainability science (physical and virtual).
  • To access funding opportunities. We provide some funding for a limited number of Fast Track Initiatives and Cluster activities. We can also help support funding applications to funding agencies and foundations.
  • To engage with international policy processes.
  • To contribute to regular international scientific syntheses.
  • To have access to international support for media, communications, capacity building and career development for young scientists.

If you are are researcher and you feel your work is contributing to the Future Earth research agenda, add this note to the acknowledgements of the paper: “This work contributes to the Future Earth research agenda.”

There are many more ways to get involved in Future Earth:

  • Find out about upcoming events that you can get involved in, or contact us if you are considering hosting a Future-Earth related event.
  • Follow Future Earth on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and share your thoughts and comments with the community.
  • Follow, comment on and contribute to the Future Earth blog.
  • Follow our news and events rss feed for all the latest from Future Earth, including information on vacancies and other opportunities.
  • Explore the opportunities to partner with Future Earth.

If you have any questions, ideas or suggestions, please contact us.

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