Photo: Andrew Hendry

bioGENESIS aims at providing an evolutionary framework for biodiversity science.The exuberant diversity of life around us, which we call biodiversity, has been lost or reduced at an unprecedented scale and rate due to human interventions ever since humans became the dominant species on earth. Because these detrimental processes continue at an ever-accelerating rate, there is an urgent need to identify, organize and monitor biodiversity with much improved accuracy and precision.

While much fundamental work remains to be done, we can, even now, formulate areas of evolutionary investigation of direct significance to understanding and managing biodiversity. Answers to these challenges depend critically on bringing together our ever-expanding baseline data on species identities, distributions, and phylogenetic relationships, as well as knowledge of the relevant underlying evolutionary processes.

bioGENESIS plays a key role in catalyzing the international communication that is needed to tackle these problems in a timely fashion and on a global scale, thus promoting a truly integrative, socially relevant biodiversity science. Its mission is to:

  • Promote the development of new strategies and tools for documenting biodiversity
  • Understand the causes and consequences of diversification
  • Connect evolutionary biology and diversity to human well-being

Key contacts

Dr Félix Forest

Co-Chair, Scientific Steering CommitteebioGENESIS