Social Change Beyond Consumerism


Web Meeting on 20 June 2017

Members' List

1.Robert Aitken bOtago University, New Zealand
2.Kartika Anggraeni bCollaborating Center for Sustainable Consumption and Production, Germany
3.Erik AssadourianWorldwatch Institute, USA
4.Halina Brown bClark University, USA
5.Maurie Cohen bNew Jersey Institute of Technology, USA
6.Anna Davies Trinity College Dublin, Ireland
7.Sonali Diddi bColorado State University, USA
8.Masayo HasegawaInternational Environment and Economy Institute, Japan
9.Sabine Hielscher bTechnische Universität Berlin, Germany
10.Melanie Jaeger-Erben a bTechnische Universität Berlin, Germany
11.Charlotte Jensen a Aalborg University, Denmark
12.Hein Mallee bFuture Earth Regional Centre for Asia, Japan
13.Steven McGreevy bResearch Institute for Humanity and Nature, Japan
14.Lucie MiddlemissUniversity of Leeds, UK
15.Jaco Quist bTechnological University of Delft, Netherlands
16.Thomas Reuter bUniversity of Bonn, Germany
17.Marlyne Sahakian bUniversity of Geneva, Switzerland
18.Martina Schäfer bTechnische Universität Berlin, Germany
19.Ulf Schrader bTechnische Universität Berlin, Germany
20.Philip Vergragt bClark University, USA

a Co-chair
b Belmont/NORFACE proposal member

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